When I first decided to start taking better care of myself, I changed my eating habits. That was a drastic change, but I needed more. It just so happened that I did a favor for Tiffany and she in turn did a favor for me by offering some fitness training. I delayed taking her up on that offer for as long as I could. I told her that I was very out of shape. Tiffany took me at the level of fitness I was at and started from there. It was if we were both starting at the same journey. She was so compassionate and very encouraging. She knew when I was able to step it up and would not let me cheat myself. Soon my husband wanted to join in so we decided to train together. It was so much fun, that most of our cardio workout came from laughing. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in my level of fitness; but more importantly, in my frame of mind and in my priorities. I must take care of myself first in order to be able to take care of my family. Tiffany is truly sharing her gift with others and I am truly grateful and blessed to have her in my life. The best thing you can do for yourself is get fit. The best person to help you is Tiffany.

~Colleen A., Madison Heights, MI.

I absolutely love what Tiffany has done for me. I must say that she’s truly changed my life both mentally and physically. My cholesterol was above 250 and I was advised by two medical physicians that I needed to lose weight and drop my CHL levels to prevent a daily regimen of medication. During that time I was going through a lot and didn’t know how to help myself and a co-worker introduced me to Tiffany. After my first initial meeting with Tiffany I was still nervous but she really helped me to release my fears; 11 months later and 48 pounds lighter I’m extremely grateful to Tiffany and my co-worker. By the way my cholesterol has dropped 34 points and is still going down.

~Elise R. 46, Troy, MI.

There’s really not much to say other than “Tiffany is great.” I’m stronger and definitely leaner due to Tiffany’s training method. My tip: follow her plan and you will benefit in more ways than one.

~Jeff Stevens, Southfield, MI.

My process was slow at first but I’ll be the first to admit self sabotage. However once I committed myself to Tiffany’s training I started to see the pounds drop off of me. I’ve been working with Tiffany for just over a year and I’m pleased with my results. I feel better inside and out plus my confidence level has increased. When people start to notice your body changing month after month and compliment you on your hard work that’s enough to give you an extra boost of confidence.

~Kelly M. 32, Troy, MI.

I was a 40 year old male who recently stopped smoking and decided to get in the best shape of my life. So like most males I hit the gym and tried to pump as much iron as possible. However I quickly realized that there was something missing and pumping iron was not enough. I met Tiffany at my gym and I would always see her teaching fitness classes. One day I decided to take one of Tiffany’s Boot Camp classes and I will say that I didn’t finish it. After about 30 minutes of jumping around I felt like my lungs we’re going to collapse; I quietly left out and waited until Tiffany’s class was over. I waited until everyone was gone and then I introduced myself; Tiffany gave me her card and I later made an appointment with. My buddies teased me for having a female trainer but once I got started there was no question about my decision. I’m 41 now and thanks to Tiffany I’m stronger and so are my lungs; I run 6-8 miles, 3 days a week and workout with Tiffany; plus I have six pack that is brag worthy. Thanks Tiffany!

~Dave L. 41, Madison Heights, MI.
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